The Story
Behind The Name

"Core Chaud" literally means hot body.
Our grip socks give you the warmth and confidence you need to feel good.

A Big Idea

Tired of having cold feet (literally), Jessica, a northern California based Pilates instructor, wore a pair of ski socks to teach class one day. She later wondered, why were there no warm grip socks? Jessica found that cold feet were an unpleasant distraction, whether she was teaching or taking classes. Her idea for Core Chaud was born! Wool studio grip socks gave Jessica instant comfort and warmed her entire body. Core Chaud seeks to create the same experience for you, whether you are rocking your socks in class or at home.

Our Construct and Design

Core Chaud grip socks are made out of a merino/acrylic wool blend with polyamide and elastane, which warm the feet and provide you with breathability and flexibility. Our sock grips are made of 100% silicone, providing you with stability in movement.

Core Chaud grips are uniquely designed to resemble flames and heat that warm your entire body from the tip of your toes to top of your head, making you feel good throughout each and every move.

Our Founder

An attorney from New York, Jessica relocated with her family to California in 2015. The move was an opportunity for her to pursue her love of movement and become a Pilates, barre and fitness instructor. As a teacher, Jessica is passionate about making her students feel warm and welcome.

When Jessica’s idea for Core Chaud emerged, she spent over two years looking for the right wool material that was also functional. By 2022, she had a new, high performance grip sock ready to share. Since that time, Core Chaud has been making people feel warm and happy in studio classes and beyond. Our socks are now loved by cyclists, runners, people with achy feet, people with cold feet and anyone who is looking for a warm wool sock with more traction.