Hello lovely friends!

I hope you are all staying warm and happy in your new Core Chaud socks. It's hard to believe that we are in December already and getting towards the end of 2022. Are you all in the middle of the December holiday shopping rush, school and work events, and family get togethers? Me, too!

As much as I love December, I know I am not alone in feeling the stress of it sometimes. And on top of that, we also can have, shall we say, un-fun weather events on top of it - rain, snow, cold, grey, etc... that make you feel rather icky.

Earlier this week, I saw an article on finding your "hygge" (the Danish word for contentment, warmth, coziness) this time of year to beat the holiday blues. Basically, it is the emphasis on finding the little things that make you happy. "Hygge" isn't a new concept. When I googled "hygge" in search of the article I'd come across earlier, there were articles going back to 2014. But since we are all so busy and often in a rush, it helps me to be reminded that I need to seek out and make time for these little things. And I imagine you do, too.

So in the last couple of days, I've been making sure to find my "hygge." Exercise hygge: despite it being in the low-mid 50s this week - cold for me, I am a wimp - with on and off rain - I went running outside twice. I took two pilates classes for myself, and I did a banger upper body/core TRX workout at the gym. Exercise is some of the best natural medicine, and it definitely keeps me sane. Nature hygge: I bought a bouquet of flowers with eucalyptus at Trader Joe's for 6.99 (smells so good, and yay for Trader Joe's flower prices) and put them in my living room. It's amazing what nature does for the soul. Animal hygge: I cuddled with my dog when I wasn't running around. Spending time with my dog makes me so happy. Food hygge: I've went out for peppermint ice cream at our local ice cream shop already twice this week. I shared a churros with ice cream dessert plate with a friend at dinner the other night. Lol. I don't believe in depravation. 

What do you do to find your "hygge?" Of course, my Core Chaud grip socks will give you hygge too! In addition to wearing my socks at barre or pilates, I've taken to keeping extra pairs to wear around the house so my feet don't get cold. I even wore my knee high Core Chaud socks for one of my runs. (Not their original intended purpose, but whatever. My feet were warm, and I was happy.)

In all seriousness, my friends, the list of little things that make you happy is unique to you. I hope that for the rest of December you find your "hygge" every day, by choosing one thing that brings you warmth, contentment and coziness.

XO and in good health,


December 09, 2022 — Jessica Trauner

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