This Thanksgiving holiday, I am thrilled to announce the launch of my brand and e-commerce company, Core Chaud! My company is the first barre/pilates grip sock dedicated to keeping your feet warm. 

This launch is the product of over two-and-half years of hard work following my idea for the creation of wool blend grip socks. In collaboration with my manufacturer, we tested multiple sock samples to ensure we would have a high quality warm sock that was uniquely functional for movement. My years of experience as a pilates and fitness instructor coupled with my legal background have helped me greatly in this endeavor. I continue to learn daily from others who are experts in the manufacturing, advertising, creative, shipping, retail and e-commerce industries. I am incredibly grateful for my new colleagues who have dedicated countless hours to helping me ensure the success of my company and for believing in me and my brand.  

Owning a company is entirely new for me. It is exciting, empowering, and, let’s be honest, nerve-wracking at times to put myself out there. Being an entrepreneur has given me the chance to create a brand that integrates industry needs - quality, comfortable, warm socks - with my own personal goals as a fitness instructor (and individual) - to foster confidence, happiness, warmth and community among my students. The spirit of my brand is that my socks encapsulate all of this for you. 

I look forward to sharing with you my beautiful socks this Thanksgiving on

Core Chaud emblem

Core Chaud ~ Keeping you warm while getting to the core of you.



Core Chaud Founder Jessica

November 21, 2022 — Jessica Trauner

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