The holiday season is a time of hustle and bustle. Many are juggling personal and professional commitments... Getting ready for family and friend visits, shopping for gifts, going to holiday parties and often working long hours, all the while trying to stay healthy and happy. 

We have all heard about holiday burnout. Indeed, there seem to be countless articles written over the years, such as “Tips to Avoid Holiday Burnout” and “Tips to Survive the Holidays”! 

And it's true! So many of us feel anxiety during the "fall into winter" season due to the incredibly busy work-life calendar. For our founder, Jessica, the anxiety would often start as early as September when her kids returned to school and the summer was officially over!

Jessica has been working to reframe her approach to a busy life in order to reduce her anxiety and see that the hustle and bustle are a part of the joy and uniqueness of the holiday season! 

Reframing our expectations around the usual business of the season helps to lower our overall stress as well as simply helping our attitudes going into the holidays. Expect the hustle, the bustle! Expect it to be crazy, busy and fun... And it will be!

So, Jessica proposes we take out all the negativity associated with the holidays, including “holiday burnout” “holiday stress” and “holiday survival guide” and toss them out the window! Rather, let’s look at how we can enjoy this time.

Here are Jessica's “Tips to Fully Enjoy the Holidays” -

1. Move your body
Just move! Wherever and within whatever time frame you have available, move your body. Try walking, running, cycling, Pilates, barre, yoga, or strength workouts at home. You do not need to belong to a studio or a fancy gym or even own any fancy equipment. YouTube is full of some wonderful free workouts by many talented people, especially women! 

"Some of my favorites include Pilates on Demand by Lindsay Bushman and Michelle Briehler Fitness." - Jessica

2. Be out in nature
There is nothing like a walk outside to restore your spirit and your mind, and it’s good for you too! This may not always be possible when you have a lot of work and/or if the weather is uncooperative, but even small amounts of outdoor time does wonders for the body and mind during the winter season when the days are short and dark. And, getting out into the snow and light rain can be fun!

"Trust me, there are days when I’m just not feeling it either, but when I go, I return in such a better mood." - Jessica

3. Keep your body warm (duh)
Wear layers, scarves and beanies, and wear merino wool grip socks from Core Chaud. 

"I'm never without my Knee High grip socks, and even wear scarves in my house because I don’t like my neck being cold!" - Jessica


4. Contact distant family and friends
Being far from family and friends over the holidays can be tough. Even though it can feel difficult to pick up the phone, hearing your loved ones voice on the other end of the line can be healing and comforting during this season.

"I am an east coaster now living on the west coast, and since I’ve been out here I’ve become acutely aware how much I miss my family and friends back east. Thus even if I’m not up for a long conversation, I spend the time to reach out to my loved ones. I feel better every time." - Jessica

5. Cook, bake, enjoy all foods
Cooking and baking are wonderful parts of the holidays and there is nothing like a warm, home-cooked meal!

'I love cooking and baking so much, but I often find I’m not up to making involved dishes or baking for hours. 

Over the last couple of years, I’ve sought out simpler recipes so I can make meals at home but not spend hours in the kitchen. Some of my favorites come from food blogs such as Cookie & Kate and Natasha’s Kitchen and cookbooks such as Ottolenghi Simple and Mark Bittman. I also make my own easy recipes weekly that are simple but tasty, such as baked tofu, roasted salmon, sautéed broccoli, greens, rice, pasta, beans and lentils.

For baking, I’ve become a lazy baker who often gets Trader Joe’s easy baking mixes. I love their almond flour chocolate chip cookies right now. Or I’ll just buy their candy and cookies! I also love to drop by one of my favorite local bakeries for donuts, cupcakes or pie. I eat it all!" - Jessica

6. Have warm drinks
When it's cold outside, sipping on a warm tea, cocoa or coffee can be one of the most comforting things!

"I drink coffee every day and the holidays are no exception. I confess to loving occasional holiday coffee drinks from Starbucks and Peets coffee! In my morning coffee at home, I’ll add some kind of flavored holiday oatmilk. Right now it’s Califia Farms peppermint mocha creamer. ☃️ And I drink tea with honey every night." - Jessica

7. Keep it light 
Minimize reading the news and minimize reading or watching heavy material as much as possible around the holidays. This can definitely be a form of conscious ignorance, but it's also a form of self preservation.

"I think it’s ok to give the mind a break, especially in the social media age where breaking news is at our fingertips every second." - Jessica

8. Watch festive movies
It can be so much fun to watch movies that are made for this time of year!

"I’m Jewish, but I love so many Christmas movies. The simple animation and music from a Charlie Brown Christmas make me so happy. I also always watch It’s a Wonderful Life, it makes me grateful every time." - Jessica

How do you enjoy your holidays? Share your tips and insights below.

"Here’s to wonderful holidays and much happiness for our Core Chaud friends and family! Love, Jessica"


December 18, 2023 — Jessica Trauner

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