Grip socks are a type of sock that has a grippy material on the bottom, typically silicone or rubber. This material helps to provide traction on slippery surfaces, making them ideal for activities such as Pilates and barre, which involve shoe-less movement and require stability.

Grip socks are also becoming increasingly popular among athletes, as they can assist in performance and reduce the risk of injury. For example, grip socks can help to prevent slipping and sliding during sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer reducing the development of blisters and risk of injury.

Some people enjoy wearing grip socks around the house in place of slippers, preferring the more natural feel of a sock, while benefiting from the grip which provides traction.

Core Chaud Merino Grip Socks

The grip design of a sock can make a big difference in its performance. Some grip socks have a dotted pattern, while others have a more textured design. The best grip socks will have a grip design that is appropriate for the activity you will be using them for.

Core Chaud Merino Grip Socks

When choosing grip socks, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Activity: Consider the activity you will be using the socks for. If you are using them for barre or Pilates, you will want a sock with a less aggressive grip design so the foot has space to move and the toes have flexible movement. If you are using grip socks for sports such as basketball or soccer, you will want a sock with a more aggressive grip design so the foot stays in place within the athletic shoe.
  • Size: Make sure to choose socks that fit well and are appropriate for your chosen activity. Socks that are too small may be uncomfortable and impede movement in the toes that is needed for proper foot mechanics. Conversely, socks that are too big can cause the foot to move inside the sock and may not provide enough traction. 
  • Material: Grip socks are typically made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex. And now, thanks to Core Chaud, grip socks are now made from a combination of merino and acrylic wool with polyamide and elastane. Choose a material that is comfortable and breathable, sweat-wicking and high performing.

Core Chaud merino grip socks

  • Improved traction and reduced risk of falling: Grip socks can help to improve traction on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of slipping and falling, which can lead to injuries.
  • Enhanced performance: Grip socks provide traction as well as allow for foot movement, making them ideal for activities such as Pilates and barre. Grip socks can also help to improve your performance in sports and other activities by giving you foot stabilization inside athletic shoes. 
  • Increased comfort: Grip socks can help to keep your feet comfortable and dry during activities.
  • Compression: Certain grip socks, such as Core Chaud Knee High style socks, provide compression to the foot and leg and can assist with blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and reducing swelling in the lower leg and ankles. This can assist the sock wearer who has certain medical conditions and requires compression socks. 

Core Chaud merino grip socks

When Jessica, the founder of Core Chaud, started her company and began working on a prototype wool grip sock, she knew she wanted a grip design that was different, unique and elegant. As she got further along in designing her sock, Jessica kept thinking of things that make people warm. Jessica thought of warm foods - soup, hot coffee and hot chocolate... As well as natural warming environments - hot springs, hot tubs and fireplaces. She realized that all these hot things that make people warm have steam. So, she spent an afternoon sketching out 5 squiggly lines that were reminiscent of hot steam, which now grace the soles of every pair of Core Chaud grip socks!


Overall, grip socks are a fantastic way to improve your performance in movement activities and sports while providing you with traction. When choosing grip socks, be sure to consider the activity you will be using them for, the size of your feet and the material the socks are made from.

December 04, 2023 — Jessica Trauner
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